This Aussie supermarket has won the award for the best meat!

ALDI has been rated the champion of supermarket meats by Canstar.

The Germain chain was awarded the top prize in Canstar Blue’s Supermarket Meat Awards, winning a five star rating for all six meat categories for 2021.

This is the fourth year Aldi has been hailed the supermarket meat winner.

This Aussie supermarket has won the award for the best meat!

Aldi has been hailed the supermarket with the BEST meat

Canstar surveyed 6010 Aussies to find out what meat they had purchased and from where in the past four weeks.

Participants in the survey were then asked to rate them from a scale of 0 to 10 for freshness, taste and value for money. Coles, Woolworths, IGA, Aldi and Costco were all up in the running.

This Aussie supermarket has won the award for the best meat!

In fact, Aldi was the undisputed champion, coming in top for meats such as pork, chicken, lamb, beef and seafood.

“It wasn’t just value for money that Aldi performed well in, but freshness too,” says Canstar Blue’s home and lifestyle editor Megan Birot.

“It’s a real testament to the quality of meat products that Aldi brings to consumers, and to the difference that a good bang for buck makes on customers’ overall satisfaction with their supermarket meat purchases.”

Check out the meat winners below:

Beef Award Winner – ALDI

Vietnamese Beef Pho Soup

Beef Sausages ─ ALDI
Beef Mince – Coles
Beef Burgers ─ ALDI
Beef Steak ─ ALDI & Coles
Beef Roast ─ ALDI

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Chicken Award Winner – ALDI

Chicken Breast ─ ALDI
Chicken Mince ─ ALDI
Chicken Burgers ─ Coles
Chicken Sausages – Coles
Chicken Wings –ALDI
Chicken Thighs – ALDI
Chicken Drumsticks – ALDI
Chicken Roast – ALDI

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Overall Lamb Award Winner – Coles & ALDI

Lamb And Rosemary With White Bean Puree

Lamb Cutlets ─ Coles
Lamb Chops ─ ALDI
Lamb Mince – Coles
Lamb Roast ─ ALDI

Check out our Lamb And Rosemary With White Bean Puree recipe here.

Overall Pork Award Winner – ALDI


Pork Sausages – ALDI
Pork Chops – ALDI
Pork Mince – ALDI
Pork Roast ─ ALDI

Check out our Apple and Walnut Pork Roast recipe.

Overall Fish Award Winner – ALDI

5 Ingredient Fish Taco Bowls

Fish – ALDI
Seafood Award Winner – ALDI & Coles
Seafood – ALDI & Coles

Here’s our Fish Taco Recipe and the 5 secret Ingredient recipe here.

“We understand our shoppers are motivated by quality and value, and we are very proud that this award recognises Aldi’s continued efforts to ensure all fresh meat products are delicious and at the lowest possible prices,” Adrian Nel, Aldi Australia group buying director, meat and seafood, told

“Thanks to our Aussie-first supplier policy, 100 per cent of Aldi’s fresh meat is proudly Australian grown, which makes shopping for quality and affordable local meat easier than ever for our customers.”

Other survey findings

  • Aussies spend on average $41 per week on meat (including seafood) at the supermarket
  • 27% of people surveyed try to purchase ethically sourced meat (i.e. free-range chicken, grass-fed beef, etc.) and another 27% prefer to purchase meat from a supermarket rather than a butcher
  • Over a third of Aussies (37%) would eat more seafood or fish if it was less expensive
  • Nearly a quarter (24%) buy meat in bulk (i.e. to freeze for later, etc.)
  • 15% have been disappointed with the quality of the meat they purchased

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