Why this baby has 100,000 followers on instagram

At The Healthy Mummy we love love love baby photos.

All babies are just ADORABLE and we could literally spend all day looking at photos!

But this baby totally stopped us in our tracks as OMG the hair is nothing short of AMAZING.

On first inspection – we thought it wasn’t real – but it is infact 100% real.

And within a very very short space of time this gorgeous little bub has amassed OVER 100,000 instagram followers!! Not bad going when you haven’t even had your first birthday!!

This baby, who goes by the handle Baby Chanco, is receiving attention on a global scale thanks to her luscious locks.

When the six-month old infant was born in Japan in December 2017, she already had an impressive head of hair.

But as well as being born with an incredible amount of hair –  her has continued to grow  at an astonishing rate!




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