Bec Judd Reveals She Still Has All Of Her Pregnancy Tests: ‘I’ve Kept Them All!’

Bec Judd has kept a very different keepsake for her children – the positive pregnancy tests from when she found out she was expecting them!

Speaking of the tests, the mum-of-four said on podcast Hello Bump: “I’ve kept them all.”

What To Do With Them?

And when asked what she’s planning to do with them, she replied: “I dunno. Frame them? No, they’re in a little bag.”

Bec, 34, also revealed that with her last test, which turned out to be her twins Tom and Darcy, she took a picture and sent it to her mum, sister and one of her friends.

“I wrote number three on it.. and I sent it to my sister, mum and girlfriend,” she explained. “Little did I know that was actually number three plus four!”

Teething much?

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The Aussie star, who is married to former AFL player Chris Judd, also shared her piece of pregnancy advice in the podcast.

“There are so many restrictions [to being pregnant], and in your head, you’re thinking like ‘nine to ten months of this and then I’m free’,” she said. 

“But you’re actually not free because then breastfeeding starts and you still can’t do the things you couldn’t do when you were pregnant.”

D+T+R= ?

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We know what you’re talking about Bec, but it’s all totally worth it!

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