Real Women Take On Celebrity Poses #challengeaccepted

We all love Celeste Barber’s hilarious recreations of celebrity ‘snaps’ that highlight how unattainable the perfect body is. So when Nicole Hardy (below) was challenged by her local Healthy Mummy consultant to share a ‘Celeste inspired’ pic, she accepted!!! Here’s what we all saw on Facebook at The Healthy Mummy Support Group.


We loved it!

What’s not to love about women who keep it real? The Healthy Mummy is a massive advocate for body confidence and giving healthy support no matter what shape, stage and season you’re in!

Our Healthy Mummy community have jumped in on the the fun and have been posting their celebrity poses and we can’t get enough of them!

Here’s what Nicole Hardy thinks…….


“Today my Local consultant posted a challenge to the support page to share a photo just as Celeste Barber does.”

“I scrolled the internet for a while and saw some easy ones I could do mostly involving a selfie in the mirror. Then I had a brain snap.”

“I am so proud of where I am at the moment.”

Six months ago I would not have stripped down to my swimmers dragged a bike out of the shed and got a friend to take a photo of me, let alone publish it on the net.”

“I honestly thought I would struggle to fit on and pose like I did, but I didn’t.”

“My body isn’t where my final goal is but that is not important. What is important is that I’m embracing it no matter what I think it looks like. I didn’t have to get 50 photos taken to find a good one. I love my body and what I have achieved and what I am now able to do.”

“Thank you HM.”

More Healthy Mummy celebrity poses

1. Rinda O’Mara #mybagisbetterthanyourbag

rhinda o'mara bag pic

2. Tegan Liston #mycansarebiggerthanyours

tegan liston exercise cans

3. Kirby Loyd #myhouseiscleanerthanyours

kirby loyd cleaning

4. Corina Parr #mypoutsbiggerthanyours

corina parr

5. Maree Hill #mydrinkhasmorekickthanyours

maree hill

Thanks for giving us all a good laugh ladies! We love your confidence and your humour. You ROCK!

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