Thor Blimey We Adore This Photo Of Chris Hemsworth Carrying Twins

Parties, pyjamas and plenty of wine were on the advent calendar for Chris Hemsworth and his gorgeous wife, Elsa Pataky as they celebrated Christmas with family and friends.

The couple gave us a sneak peek into what a holiday at the Hemsworth residence is like and, well, let’s just say it looked like quite the seasonal celebration!

Merry xmas world xoxo @liamhemsworth @hemsworthluke @zocobodypro @jasonsmith84 @elsapatakyconfidential @mileycyrus

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Festive Fun For All

With a glowing fire, a tacky sign and a couch full of pyjama-clad Hemsworths, you know you’re in for a good night. By the looks of the photos Chris and Elsa shared on their Instagram pages, it looks like the Hemsworth household had just! Good, ol’ fashion festive fun. 

A Couch Full of Celebrities

Surrounded by family, including brothers Liam and Luke Hemsworth, Elsa and Chris look cute and cosy in their matching pyjamas and horrendously oversized animal slippers.

Other noticeable attendees of the party included Liam’s partner, Miley Cyrus (clad in kitty ears, naturally) and a giant fluffy white dog called Dora who looked pretty comfortable in the corner. 

Celebrando!! Celebrating!

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With wine a plenty and candles galore, the party-goers looked like they were in for a fun night.

Champagne and Cuddles

As the night continued Elsa posted a photo of her and Chris mid-kiss as well as a snap of her cheeky pyjamas. I’m no expert on wine consumption (okay, yes I am), but Elsa looked to have that lovely champagne glow.

And why not? It’s Christmas after all.


Best Christmas present ever! A kiss from @chrishemsworth !!! El mejor regalo de navidad!!’ Un beso de de @chrishemsworth!! ??

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All in all, the party looked like a great success!

I guess my invite got lost in the mail….

Back to (pyjama-free) parenting duties

The couple’s kids, India, Sasha and Tristan, were clearly tucked into bed and missed out on the fun but Chris was on full daddy duty a few days later taking his twin boys for a stroll. 

My boys! ??/ mis chicos! @chrishemsworth l

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If you love the Hemsworths as much as we do, then have a look at what they’ve been up to in 2016. We’ve been stalking their every move all year.

You’re welcome.

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