Chrissy Teigen on her body image struggles: ‘I’m not blind: I see my body, I see the difference’

All praise the Queen of Keeping it Real a.k.a. Chrissy Teigen – who has once again been refreshingly honest about motherhood and her changing body.

In a recent interview with Good Housekeeping, the mum-of-two opened up about her recent weight gain since the birth of her son Miles in May.

“Every morning when I look at myself in the mirror, I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, how did it get here? My baby was, like four pounds [2kg] and I gained, like, sixty pounds [27 kilograms], and that seems off’,” she joked.

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“I’m not blind: I see my body, I see the difference in shape”

Chrissy added that she, like every other mum out there, has to accept that “everyone’s body is just different.”

“It’s all about trying to be happy with myself,” the 33-year-old beauty, who is married to singer John Legend admits.


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these are my kids. honestly so tired of thinking of captions

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“Because I’m not blind: I see my body, I see the difference in shape, I see that I gained weight. But I also see with those same eyes that I have a beautiful baby boy, and this little girl that’s relentless and amazing, and I am very happy.”

“This is a new thing that I can change within my mind, that I don’t have to be swimsuit model anymore. I get to be a mummy, cook, and meet incredible people, and I’m happy to be going through this transition.”


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“can I wear pajamas” “you can wear pajamas” thank you @goodhousekeeping and @ericraydavidson!!

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Chrissy says “we’ve forgotten what a regular body looks like”

Chrissy, who is also mum to two-year-old Luna, reveals that she’s going on a “bit of a journey” at the moment.

She says: “I think, in a way, we’ve forgotten what a regular body looks like. There are people out there who are struggling, and I’m struggling, and it’s okay to come to terms with realising it’s going to be a bit of a journey.”

Wherever you are on this journey, Chrissy, we think you’re still gorgeous.

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