Chrissy Teigen says what every mum is thinking with this ONE photo

The open book, no non-sense mum, Chrissy Teigen is making mums everywhere give a sigh of relief by posting a single photo to her Instagram.

The brand new mum (she gave birth to her second child, a son, Miles on May 17) posted a photo of herself in postpartum mesh underwear, highlighting the not so glamours details about postpartum clothing.

Never one to take herself too seriously, Tegien poked fun at the not so sexy underwear and compared it to mesh fruit holders!

Chrissy Teigen captures the reality of being a brand new mum

Have you seen or tried this underwear before?

Many new mums swear by their mesh underwear as it’s comfortable, holds postpartum pads and ice securely in place, and can be thrown away at the end of the day.

Seeing the funny side in it, other mums praised Teigen’s reality as Jessica Alba (also a new mum) even commented, “Omg!!! That was so funny and so right on!”.

Posting this a mere few days after her new baby boy shows that Chrissy will not succumb to pressure to ‘bounce back’ after baby like many celebrities and non-celebrities can portray.

Not one to sugar-coat harsh realties, Teigen has also opened up in the past about her postpartum depression with her first baby.

By allowing her body to heal on it’s own, and loving it through each phase means Teigen can have a positive body image no matter how her body changes.

These 4 mums tell of how they found body acceptance after baby and how self-care is vital.

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