What A Coincidence – Baby Born On Mum AND Dad’s Birthday!

Even if you’re the betting type, it’s likely you’d never have put money on this trifecta! However, a baby boy has arrived on a rather special day: his mum and dad’s birthday.

Cute little Cade Gardner now shares his birthday with both parents. Amazing!

Triple celebration

Mum Hillary, from Mississippi, says she and her husband Luke were so excited about the arrival of their first child, they forgot it was their birthday.

“Luke’s mom had a cake already made for us and when she found out Cade was going to be born, she went back and had his name put on the cake,” Hillary told ABC News.

When the couple first met seven years ago, Luke was surprised to learn they shared a December 18 birthday after checking out Hillary’s Facebook page.

“I was born at 8:10 in the morning and Luke was born at 2:10 p.m.,” Hillary said. “I always joke that I get to celebrate the whole morning and he only gets after lunch.”

And baby makes three

Hillary was initially given a due date of December 19, and went into labour on December 17.

“She was four centimeters dilated and I said, ‘Yup it’s going to happen,'” Luke explains. “Everybody at the hospital was going crazy. They couldn’t believe it.”

The couple’s obstetrician Dr Rachel Garner has described the coincidence as ‘remarkable’.

“Hillary actually never told me that her and her husband’s birthdays were coming up so it was completely by chance that it happened. I thought that was pretty special.”

Facepalm? Praying? #youdecide

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It seems that happy parents are keen to take a back seat to birthday celebrations into the future: “We realise it’s not about us anymore,” Luke said. “We’ll have the corner of the cake, probably.”

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