Pippa Middleton pregnant with her first child (& she’s sharing her pregnancy exercise regime)

It’s finally confirmed! After weeks of speculation and endless reports about the Duchess of Cambridge’s (Kate Middleton) sister….Pippa has REVEALED she is expecting her first child with hubby James Matthews! Nawwww.


The news was confirmed in a new fitness and exercise column for the publication Waitrose Weekend.

Talking all things exercising while pregnant, the active mum-to-be said, “When I learned the happy news that I was pregnant I realised I needed to adjust my 4 to 5-day-a-week routine.”

Congratulations Pippa! Keep scrolling to discover Pippa’s regime.

Pippa Middleton is pregnant with her first child

Pippa shares her exercise regime during her first trimester as she states, “I’ve noticed my body change but through exercise I feel it’s being strengthened.”

She also shared that workouts like lunges, squats, and reverse flyes are ideal for expectant mums. We totally agree btw!

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“Fitness gives me a life balance, it gives me energy, and helps clear my mind,” she writes in the publication.

Unlike sister Kate, Pippa says she is not suffering from extreme morning sickness / Hyperemesis Gravidarum. “I was lucky to pass the 12 week scan without suffering from morning sickness, that meant I was able to carry on as normal,” she said.

We are so, so, so excited for the new-mum-to-be! George, Charlotte and Baby Louis WILL BE THRILLED to have another little cousin to play with.

Please note: Always consult your doctor about amending or starting new exercise program when pregnant. Always be sure to listen to your body and take time out when needed. Exercise the way that works best for you!


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