How Cute Is Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo’s Mini-Me Son?!

The apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree!

It looks like footballer Cristiano Ronaldo’s son is giving his dad a run for his money in the looks department!

Perfect couple ❤️❤️

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Like father, like son

We can’t help but gush over the Portuguese soccer star’s cute pics of his six-year-old son, who shares the same name.

In fact, little Cristiano has the exact same slick hairstyle, sense of style and confidence as his famous father! 

The Real Madrid player recently celebrated his 32nd birthday and posed next to a cake with his son by his side

And the doting dad is always so gushy about his mini-me, referring to him as “my love.” Aaaah!

Amazing picture?❤️

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Single dad

Cristiano has full custody of his boy, who was born in America, but he’s never revealed who his mum is.

In 2010, Cristiano announced via Facebook that he had become the father and would have “exclusive guardianship, as agreed with the baby’s mother, who preferred to keep her identity confidential”.

Be happy?g night❤️

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Bed time???good night

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Cristiano opened up the circumstances of his sons birth in 2015 documentary about himself, only to say: “I have never told anyone, and I never will.

“When my son is older, I will explain why I acted as I did, and what I felt about it. And he will understand. It was always my dream to have a child young, when I was 25.

“Lots of people don’t have either a mother or a father. Having a father is enough.”


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