‘I Didn’t Know Who My Mum Was’: Keira Maguire Opens Up About Being Raised In A Cult

***PLEASE NOTE: Sensitive topic***

Keira Maguire has opened up about what it was like to grow up in a cult with 63 siblings and nine mums.

Keira, who rose to fame as the outspoken one on The Bachelor last year and is currently appearing on I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!, says she didn’t know who her mum was until she was six.

‘There Were Nine Wives’

“I don’t know if you know my story, but my mum was in a cult,” she admitted to her I’m A Celebrity co-star Lisa Curry.

“My dad was the leader of it. There were guys and girls in it and they had all come from broken homes and gone through certain things. It got to the point where he started to build a family and they were all of his wives.”

“I didn’t know who my mum was until I was six. I didn’t even know what a mum was,” Keira confessed, adding that her mum left the cult when she was six.

“You’ve got to remember there were nine wives.”

“But one father?” Lisa asked, “Holy s**t!”

“I just knew that I wasn’t normal and I really didn’t like that,” Keira added.

Keira On Her Dad’s Death

Keira later admitted that she was revealed her dad “passed away three years ago.”

“It kind of felt like a relief,” Keira confessed. “I didn’t have to explain about my dad. Although it sounds bad it kind of made me feel better.”

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Woman’s Day reported last year that the star grew up in a polygamist cult, which her father, former policeman Alistah Laishkochav, founded in the 1970s. Alistah was convicted of 20 child sex offences in 2000 and he later died in jail.

“My mother removed my family from that environment when I was five years old, over 25 years ago,” Keira said in a statement last year.

“I was brought up by my mother and grandmother in Brisbane in a loving, caring and compassionate household.”

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