Elsa Pataky Shows The World What An ADORABLE Father Chris Hemsworth Is

Once again, we are shown what a beautiful and loving father Chris Hemsworth is. To his three children though, he’s not the most sought after (and hottest) actor, he is just Dad.

And we all said “awwwww”.

LOVE! @chrishemsworth

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Oh Em Gee

We CANNOT get enough of Chris Hemsworth here at The Healthy Mummy and I’m sure you can tell. We LOVE his wife, Elsa Pataky, just as much; possibly because she’s always posting about Chris on Instagram. The amazingly good-looking couple have the cutest kids, and for busy actors, they look like they are super involved in their children’s lives.

Once Again “awww”

Like the time Chris was knocked back by a red-faced bakery, to bake his daughter’s birthday cake.

We love the fact he didn’t use his name to force them to bake it. In true humble Chris fashion, he rolled his sleeves up and over those impeccable biceps, and got it done. What a great Dad.

Chris and Elsa are madly in love and have both hilariously squashed rumours of a marriage break-up.

We’d like to say a big thank you to Elsa, for sharing a little bit of Chris with us each day. Please never stop.


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