Gisele Bundchen reveals she “lost herself” when she became a mum

She’s got a resume that most of us could only dream about – international supermodel, actress, author and producer – but Gisele Bundchen has revealed the role of becoming a mum made her question everything about herself.

In her memoir, Lessons: My Path to a Meaningful Life, the Brazilian beauty admits she had a hard time adjusting to motherhood and that it left her feeling lost and confused at times.

“Things can be looking perfect on the outside, but you have no idea what’s really going on,” the 38-year-old, who is married to NFL star Tom Brady, said in an excerpt shared with People.

“I felt like maybe it was time to share some of my vulnerabilities, and it made me realise, everything I’ve lived through, I would never change because I think I am who I am because of those experiences.”


Gisele: ‘It was like a part of me died’

Gisele, who is mum to Benjamin, eight, Vivian, five, and her stepson Jack, 11, says the transition into motherhood was incredibly challenging for her.

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I am excited to share that my book will be released October 2nd! Writing this book was a transformative and intense process for me. Uncovering stories deep inside of me made me feel vulnerable and emotional, but through facing my shadows and insecurities I learned how to accept and love myself in a deeper way. My intention in writing this book is to share how I overcame certain challenges in my life in hopes that it could help others who may be going thru similar experiences. Proceeds from the book will go to project Água Limpa, to help protect water sources for future generations. ? Feliz em compartilhar que meu livro sairá no dia 2 de outubro! Escrever esse livro foi uma experiência transformadora e intensa para mim. Lembrar de várias histórias que estavam adormecidas dentro de mim me fez sentir vulnerável e emotiva, mas, ao olhar para minhas sombras e inseguranças, aprendi a me aceitar e me amar de uma maneira mais profunda. Minha intenção, ao escrever este livro, é compartilhar como eu superei certos desafios em minha vida, com a esperança de que possa ajudar de alguma forma outras pessoas que estivessem passando por experiências semelhantes. Meus rendimentos deste livro irão ao projeto Água Limpa, que ajuda a proteger as fontes de água para futura gerações.

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“When I became a mom (sic), I kind of lost myself. It was like a part of me died. I’d been this very independent person,” she says.

“It was all about me. But now I had this little being, and I suddenly felt l couldn’t do other things and that was very hard for me. All I ever wanted was to be a mom, but when you’re actually experiencing that, it’s a shock.”

The beauty says she felt guilty for leaving her kids to go to work

Gisele says she tried to scale back the work because she felt guilty for leaving her kids – something many mums can relate to.

“I had all this horrible, self-imposed guilt. I thought what a terrible mother I was for leaving my child even for like a day,” she says.

When she would bring her children along on jobs she admits, “I was feeling guilty for that too. Like, ‘Here we are on a plane and the baby is crying.’ ”

The Victoria’s Secret angel says the transition also took its toll on her marriage.

“You’re overwhelmed and tired and then you’re not the nicest partner,” she says, before adding it took time but she eventually found her groove and adjusted.

“When the kids were very young, there were times when I felt overwhelmed or conflicted, sometimes a little depressed, though I tried my best to be strong. I felt the massive new responsibility of motherhood. I wanted to do my best, and to do it right,” she adds.

“The thing is, I was an experienced mom, in on-the-job- training, plus I sometimes felt torn since I knew I had so much more I wanted to create in the world.

“Now that the kids are older and in school, I know that soon I’ll be ready to begin climbing another mountain. I’ve never lived in The Valley for this long, but I wouldn’t give back the time I spent there for anything. My children have given me a greater sense of purpose and motivation.”

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