Hollywood Parents Who Melted Our Hearts At The Golden Globes

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Leaving our kids with babysitters while heading out for a date night can give us all sorts of parent guilt. Hollywood parents aren’t exempt from the parent guilt train. These celeb parents are winning our hearts over and over again with some of their responses on the red carpet and touching speeches – including Ryan Gosling’s gushing thanks to his amazing wife.

Ryan Gosling

Winning best actor in a motion picture, Ryan Gosling has made us melt with his speech. Acknowledging and thanking his wife, Eva Mendes. At the time of filming, Eva was pregnant with their second child while looking after her brother, who was suffering with cancer. He says: “My lady was raising our daughter, pregnant with our second and trying to help her brother fight his battle with cancer. If she hadn’t taken all that on so I could have that experience someone else would be up here. Sweetheart, thank you.” Dedicating his win to his two daughters and the memory of Eva’s late brother, this guy is beautiful both inside and out. Could he get any more adorable?

Drew Barrymore

Tell me all about it HARRY WINSTON @_leeharris_

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Drew seemed to be baited with a mummy guilt question by host, Ryan Seacrest. Talking with Barrymore about the recent snow storm on the East Coast, he laid on the whole ‘how do you do it’ spiel a bit harsh. Her response was nothing short of amazing and has since been praised all over Twitter. She responded with: “I was in New York in the snowstorm last night ’cause I wanted to maximise time with my children, and I was literally going, like, I have a job to do. But I chose to be a parent first, and I swear to God the priorities paid off my karma. We got on the plane and JetBlue got me here and it was all good. And I got to play in the snow with my kids all day.” Amen sister, slay.

Chris Hemsworth

We couldn’t do a Hollywood parent appreciation post without Chris. This Aussie icon has our hearts melting with everything he does, but it was his wife’s Insta post that had us swooning. Watching their daddy on the big screen, his three kids cheer for their hero with a Thor doll sitting by their side.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

There aren’t enough ??? emojis to accurately explain how this makes us feel. (?: Getty Images)

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This Hollywood hot couple are all sorts of parent goals. Gushing about her husband’s song being up for nomination, Biel says: “Our son [Silas] is crazy about it,” Biel revealed, “so we’re happy to be out. We don’t get out very much. We’re supporting our friends. He’s up for a nomination. There’s nothing bad about this night.” Do you hear that? They’re happy to be out, just like us regular folk.

John Legend And Chrissy Teigen

Red carpet relaxation. Photo by @blakelively

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Chrissy Teigen could have suffered major embarrassment on the red carpet at the Globes. But Chrissy being Chrissy, made a mockery out of herself and deflected the embarrassment by just chilling on the steps like it was no big deal. Also, her Legend husband, John, decided to savour the moment by taking a quick snap shot. Other funny couple, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, joined in on the action and took a quick pic too.

Blake Lively

Speaking of Blake Lively, have you noticed how amazing she is looking just four months after giving birth? Blake had a goal of fitting into her jeans by New Year’s and we actually think she may have just reached it! Get it girl.

These Hollywood parents are making us feel all sorts of normal. As normal as you could be with a plethora of movies under you belt and money (probably) in your bath tub.

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