Hottest Trends For 2017 According To Pinterest

The New Year brings exciting new trends and Pinterest showcases them all! So what will be BIG in 2017? Think distressed denim and slip dresses, wholefoods and farmhouse styled homes.

These Pinterest images depict some of the latest and greatest in fashion, food and home trends for 2017 based on current search data.

food collage


1. It’s All About The Sleeves

In 2017 it’s all about the sleeves. Say goodbye to off-the-shoulder and hello to the romantic bell sleeve. But be careful not to dip your sleeves into your dish!

2. Personalise Your Wear

Get your creative on. And by on we mean on your jackets, coats and tops using a colourful array of pins, patches, stickers, buttons and badges. It’s all about personalising your style.

3. The Slip Dress

The slip dress and top combo may look like you forgot to get dressed in the morning but this partnership is happening. It’s what you call easy care, day to evening wear.

4. Go Nude

If nude is the new black than go nuts in neutrals! Khaki and nude all over will keep you completely on trend. Nude coats are set to be all the rage.

5. Distressed Denim

You’ll find light denim everywhere. It’s all about higher waists and distressed details.



1. Set-It-And-Forget-It Cooking

Sous vide is the ultimate in easy cooking. Just seal your ingredients in a plastic bag, cook them in a saucepan of water and put your feet up while it does its thing. Now that’s my kind of cooking!

2. Quinoa Bowls

It’s hearty wholefoods all the way! Pile on the superfoods and pop on guacamole, cheese or whatever your taste buds desire. Don’t mind if I do…

3. Vegetable Crisps

According to Pinterest, healthy snack searches are up 200 percent this year, with “clean eating chips,” zucchini chips being the most popular pick. Nom, nom, nom…

4. Octopus

Cooking octopus is not as tricky to get right as you might think. Try grilling it with a good squeeze of lemon, place them on a skewer or pop them in a taco.



1. The Indoor Plant

Get your green thumb on and bring the outdoors in with climbing plants. A lively way to cheer up any bare wall, shelf or lonely corner.

2. Deep Blue Interiors

Scandi style found us splash white all over our walls in 2016, but 2017 is taking colour to a whole new level with navy and deep blue. Dark feature walls against a lighter backdrop are set to make a statement.

3. Reclaimed Wood Tiling

The rustic, recycled alternative to the subway tile.

4. Farmhouse Style

No matter where you live; city, country or coastal – country living is making a huge comeback and will be seen in a home near you! I love this trend. Such a homely, relaxed vibe.

5. DIY Furniture

Don’t buy – just DIY.  2017 get handy and have a go at making your own furniture. There are tutorials galore found on Pinterest – with the most popular hits being how to make your own nightstand.


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