I Stopped Breastfeeding And Put On Weight.

I stopped breastfeeding and put on weight.

This is a common sentence I hear from mothers.

Things I Wish I'd Known About Breastfeeding

A breastfeeding diet, especially when you are exclusively breastfeeding, is one in which a mother will require an additional 300 to 500 calories per day to lactate.

When your baby starts eating and drinking well and their breastfeeding requirements decrease, so will your milk supply and your need for the additional energy to produce the breast milk.

If you continue to consume those additional calories, like any unused energy, a little weight can creep up.

Here are a few points to remember in a breastfeeding diet and when you commence your journey to stopping breastfeeding.

1. When exclusively breastfeeding, you need around 300 to 500 calories per day to produce this milk. It is important that you do include a few additional healthy snacks to your diet to supplement this required energy.

2. The best snacks to choose are ones which are better for your health. Snacks such as:

i.      Wholegrain toast with nut butter

ii.      Yoghurt

iii.      Nuts

iv.      Avocado on toast

v.      A Healthy Mummy Smoothie!

3. When you are breastfeeding, listen to your body and if you are hungry, choose a healthy option to eat.

4. When breastfeeding, do not attempt to lose weight rapidly. Around 500grams per week is a healthy and sustainable amount.

5. When you are breastfeeding you need additional protein and fibre. The recommended daily serves of wholegrains and cereals are recommended to increase by 2 ½ serves each day; for lean protein the recommended serves increase by 1 serve each day.

6. When you start to reduce your feeding schedule with your babe listen to your body. If you are hungry, eat a healthy snack, if you are not, don’t.

7. If you are still learning your body’s cues on satiety or re-learning what a healthy eating plan, when you stop breastfeeding, it might be beneficial to reduce the number of snacks you are eating.

8. Most importantly, do not stress, if you put on a little bit of weight when you stop breastfeeding, take the time to evaluate your diet and see where you could change things.

9. Breastfeeding your baby is a very personal journey. So is weight gain and weight loss. See how you are going when you stop breastfeeding and evaluate your hunger and energy levels which will change each day.

10. Plan your meals and daily healthy eating plan, or even try our 28 diet and exercise plan, but make sure they are flexible to your needs and hunger levels.

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