Katherine Heigl On Babies, Breastfeeding And Pumping In The Bathroom: ‘It’s Been Interesting’

Katherine Heigl has dished on the interesting encounters she’s faced while breastfeeding her three-month-old son Joshua.

‘It’s A Whole New World For Me’

The 38-year-old actress, who is mum to her adopted daughters, Naleigh, eight, and Adelaide, four, with her husband Josh Kelly, revealed that she’s been trying to balance her career while looking after her son.

“Trying to pump or breastfeed between interviews [has] been really interesting. It’s a whole new world for me,” she told ET Online while promoting her new movie Unforgettable.

Katherine says she even found herself having to pump in the bathroom when she was filming Jimmy Kimmel Live a few weeks ago.

“It’s really awkward, honestly. [But what’s] best for the baby is best for the mum!”

Meanwhile, the mum-of-three reveals that she loves being a parent and admits she and her hubby love embarrassing their kids and nieces.

“We love to embarrass them. Josh has great, great embarrassing stories,” she says.

“He drives my niece to the bus stop every morning and he wears my pink robe and he gets out of the car waves her off on the bus [so] all of her classmates get to see him in his pink robe… It’s great.”

And while talking about motherhood, she adds: “It’s so much better than I could have ever imagined, my life and family.

“It’s just trying to remember that and be grateful and try and hold onto it cause you do get caught up in the minutiae.”

We agree with you, Katherine!

Check out these adorable first pictures of Katherine’s son Joshua here.

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