Khloe Kardashian’s sleep hack for her baby daughter is GENIUS

Sleep-deprived parents, alas!

Khloe Kardashian has revealed how she has found the answer to a common parenting woe in a recent post on her app.

If you, like many (cough – all) parents struggle to get your little one back to sleep after a nappy change or middle of the night feed, or general resettle, Kardashian may have found the solution!

“A red light bulb has changed my life,” Khloe says.

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We can thank Khloe for our next good nights sleep

“Words I never thought I’d say . . . a red light bulb has changed my life,” Khloé said and she’s calling it her “middle of the night miracle.”

Khloe said she has been using a coloured bulb in baby True’s nursery during late-night feedings because “red light doesn’t really interfere with a baby’s sleep.”

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Explaining how the sleep hack works, she says, “A red light has a much higher wavelength and doesn’t inhibit the body’s secretion of melatonin. So right after she’s done eating, she easily goes right back to sleep for the night.” 

Looks like Khloe is on to something!

Huffington Post states that colour that keeps us awake is blue, while the ones more conducive to sleep are at the red end of the spectrum (does that mean we can use a pink bulb!?).

Khloe’s relatable words dont stop here! Read up on how the new mum responded to formula feeding.

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