My Kitchen Rules Star Sarah Tully Announces She’s Pregnant!

My Kitchen Rules star Sarah Tully has something else baking in the oven!

The 30-year-old Queenslander revealed she’s expecting her first baby with her psychologist husband Kurt.

“My First Reaction Was ‘Not Now’!”

“I fell pregnant halfway [through] filming the show,” she tells New Idea.

“My husband Kurt came down one weekend and poof, I was pregnant! My first reaction was: ‘Not now! Not now!’

“But Kurt and I have always wanted to do this, and even though it’s a little earlier than expected, it’s a big surprise and it’s a nice feeling.”

Tully, who is currently battling it out to win $250,000 alongside her teammate Della Whearty, wasn’t sure whether to spill her news to MKR cast and crew at first.

“I did end up telling the producers because I was really, really tired and the tiredness was killing me,” she reveals.

“They were really good about it, they were really supportive and they really helped me. I couldn’t be more grateful.

“Anyone who knew would make sure I had plenty of water and little snacks, and make sure I was comfortable.”

MKR Della and Sarah
Della and Tully. Source: My Kitchen Rules

Avoiding Raw Food On Set

Thankfully, Tully says Della helped her hide her pregnancy news.

“Anything that was raw I had to stay away from,” she adds.

“I’d just pretend to eat it, then shove it over to Della and she’d help me disguise everything!”

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