Kmart release same sex family doll set and the public reaction is HUGE

Retail shoppers react to Kmart’s new inclusive range of same-sex family doll pack.

Kmart release same sex doll set and the public reaction is HUGE

Available for $15 the major retail store released the ‘Family Playset’ dolls which are inclusive for same-sex families.

There are three different sets, each including two parents, a child, a baby doll, a dog and accessories.

One set comes with male and female parents, while the other two feature same-sex couples.

Kmart Facebook fans were excited at the new range

“Finally I can buy one for my son that represents our family” one said.

“Good work Kmart! Glad that all children can finally buy a family set that represents themselves and their families. This is so so amazing!!” another said.

“Progress. Kmart is selling super cute same-sex family doll sets,” wrote another.

“Kmart continues to win,” another commented, while others simply said: “I love this!” and Amazing to see!“.

But not everyone was sold on the new range with other shoppers saying children don’t even ‘see’ gender on toys and that the new range includes ‘white-people only’ dolls.

Kids don’t notice what the dolls are,” wrote one.

Do you love the new range? 

We recently shared the new Mattel “Creatable World” line of gender-neutral dolls that are completely customisable so that kids can create their own preferred characters. Read more on those HERE.


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