Liam Hemsworth Rocks Aussie Flannel During Visit To Children’s Hospital

Here’s to Liam, he’s true blue. He’s an Aussie sweetheart, through and through. And his latest outing proves this is certainly the case as Liam and his partner, Miley Cyrus headed to a children’s hospital to spread a little joy in the lead-up to the New Year.

Queen Warrior!!!! Yes you are!!!!!

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It’s hard not to love the Hemsworths. All three brothers (Luke, Liam and Chris) radiate with true blue Aussie charm and are constantly in the social media spotlight for all the right reasons. 

While Chris and Elsa are busy sharing sweet snaps from their festive Christmas pyjama party, Miley, 24 and Liam, 26 opted to share photos of their recent visit to Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego. The pair were full of energy and laughs as they visited some of the brave patients at the hospital. 

Miley dressed as a colourful hippie for the occasion while Liam rocked the classic Aussie flannel and scruffy facial hair. And, as usual, he looked effortlessly handsome as he smiled in the background of the photos.

But, let’s face it, no matter what The Hunger Games star wears, he looks pretty darned good, even if it’s a red and white full body reindeer onesie.

Liam and Miley aren’t the only celebrities bringing smiles to brave children’s faces. Last week Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry headed to a children’s hospital in Los Angeles for some Christmas carols and cheerful cuddles.

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