Male contraceptive gel is set to be trialled in April this year!

Exciting news for every woman who has ever wished their partner could carry some of the responsibility of contraception. 

While there has been talk of scientists experimenting with male contraceptive for some time, it looks like there could be something on the shelves VERY soon as a new contraceptive gel is set to be trialled in April this year.

More than 400 couples will test out the product, which has been described as a a ‘reversible vasectomy’.


Male contraceptive gel is set to be trialled in April this year!

Each man in the experiment will be required to use the gel for four months and researchers will monitor their sperm levels.

The gel, which has been developed by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, contains a synthetic type of progestin, which prevents the testes from eroding enough testosterone to produce regular sperm.

“It’s not a lot of effort. It’s just remembering to use it every day,” says Diana Blithe, director for contraception at the organisation. (A bit like taking the pill then).

If these trials are successful, it will be a matter of years until they become available.


At the moment, men only have limited options when it comes to birth control: condoms, withdrawal (an unreliable method) or vasectomy. This new method would provide the first long-lasting and reversible male contraception.

Women have various contraceptive options such as the pill, diaphragm, coil, implant and injection.

Make sure you take a look at the latest research on a male contraceptive injection.

Meanwhile here are 8 forms of contraception to consider after having a baby.

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