AMAZING Video Of A Mama Elephant Giving Birth

We came across this AMAZING video of a mama elephant giving birth and we just HAD to share it with you. Warning: graphic content.

Mama Elephant Giving Birth

Animal Instincts Are Amazing

Mama Elephant Giving Birth

Watching this video in the Healthy HQ office and everyone was blown away (and slightly grossed out). Animal instincts really are an incredible feat. The way this mama elephant knows what to do, is completely calm and just gets it done is truly amazing to watch. I think my eyes and mouth were wide open the duration of the video.

The video, which has had over 14 million views, was filmed in Bali in 2009.

I can’t help but feel a little anxious for this new mum. She must have felt a massive relief when the baby elephant and a tonne of fluid came out, but to see her new baby lifeless on the floor must have been tough. My third child was born not breathing. The midwives intervention got him breathing within 10 seconds, the longest 10 seconds of my life. I can not imagine any longer.

Mama Elephant Doesn’t Give Up

Her animal instincts sprung into action and she tries to get her baby to breathe. Using her hind legs, mama E kicks the baby around like a soccer ball, attempting to kick start the heart. A long 2 minutes go by and she changes her tactic. She wraps her trunk around the baby’s trunk and pulls its head up.

The baby elephant takes it’s first breath and you can see the relief in the mama elephants persona. Mama E gets the baby to stand up and they happily walk around, slipping and sliding in all the blood and amniotic fluid.

Well done Mama elephant, you’re a legend!



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