Margot Robbie Shares Top Fitness Tips For A Happy Healthy Life

Margot Robbie

She’s Australia’s new Nicole Kidman. The girl next door, the blonde bombshell, and an awesome role model. Margot is doing an amazing job overseas, and making us Aussies proud.

She’s even gone and shared some of her fitness tips. Which of course we love because she always looks so happy and healthy.

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Margot’s top 2 fitness tips for looking healthy and happy

1. Get outdoors & Take Care Of Your Skin

The young actress grew up in Queensland and lived her childhood in nature. “You’re always jumping off cliffs and riding motorbikes,” Margot says of her up bringing. Growing up, Robbie admits she was in an all girl surf gang. Surfing is great all over work out, working the upper body strength while paddling and working the lower body when standing up. Creating an all over strength plus cardiovascular work out.

Although we miss her, she doesn’t seem to be missing the Aussie sun. Saying in a recent interview “It’s actually been really good for my skin living here [London]. The sun is just so harsh in Australia, especially since we don’t really have the ozone layer.”

Combine squinting wrinkles and sun spots, it really can be quite harsh on the skin. That’s why slip, slop, slap is drilled into our heads at school, Margot.

2. Pilates

Margot admits that pilates is her go to for quick and effective exercise. A great way to tone up if you don’t have much time. Which, judging by the amount of movies this girls is in, time is not something she has much of. All you need is a mat and a good internet connection and you’re one step closer to looking like the Harley Quinn herself.

The actress is loving her time living in London at the moment but a move to LA may very well be on the cards. Or maybe you could come back to Australia? Neighbours will have you back.

We love your tips Margot, but we also have a great FULL BODY WORKOUT video, that is SUPER EASY to fit into your life.  Add it to Margot’s tips and you’ll be well on your way to losing weight and feeling great.


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