Meet The Mums Breaking Records With Their Incredible Birth Stories

One gave birth at the age of 70. Another at the tender age of five. And another of these incredible mums gave birth to 69 children. These are only a few of the stories of mums who shocked the world with their record-breaking moments in motherhood.

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We are all winning at parenting. But these mums get an extra medal for their fantastic feats in pregnancy, birth and beyond.

The Mothers Who Gave Birth to the Largest Babies

Anna Bates holds this record. The Canadian mum gave birth to a baby boy weighing 10.77 kg back in 1879. Tragically the bub only survived 11 hours.

The heaviest baby born to a healthy mother was a boy weighing 10.2 kg  who was born to Italian mum Carmelina Fedele in 1955.


The Mother With the Most Surviving Children From One Birth

Most of us are familiar with Nadya Suleman, who was dubbed Octomom after giving birth to eight children back in 2009. Nadya, who already had six children through IVF, used IVF again to conceive her octoplets (with the help of her doctor, Michael Kamrava).

While Nadya has received a lot of media coverage over her record-breaking births and unhealthy lifestyle following the births, she recently admitted that she hated being coined Octomom and has undergone a transformation to lose her old self and become a better mother. She now goes by the name Natalie and works as a drug and alcohol counsellor.

Image via Commons
Image via Commons

The Mother With the Most Children (and the Patience of a Saint)

Valentina Vassilyev holds the record of the mother with the most children. Valentina was the wife of a Russian farmer who gave birth to 69 babies (67 which survived) during the early 1700s. Among her clan she had 16 sets of twins, 7 sets of triplets and 4 sets of quadruplets.

Mrs. Vassilyev did not outlive her husband. He then went on to remarry and have an additional 20 more children with his second wife. Talk about super sperm!

The Mother With the World’s Longest Pregnancy

Nine months is long enough! But for Beulah Hunter, pregnancy lasted an extra three and a half months. Beulah gave birth to a perfectly healthy baby girl she named Penny, in 1945. However, doctors confirmed that her last menstrual period had been 375 days before, making her pregnancy an epic 12.5 months long.

Image via Flickr
Image via Flickr

The World’s Youngest Mother

No child should have to hold this title but it belongs to a Peruvian woman named Lina Medina. In 1939, Lina gave birth to a healthy baby boy via c-section at the age of only five. Lina had a hormone disorder in which she had been having regular periods since she was eight months old.

It was never revealed who the father of the child was but media speculate that Lina was the victim of rape by her dad. Her father was arrested for the crime but later released due to lack of evidence.

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The World’s Oldest Mother

Just last year Daljinder Kaur nabbed this title when she welcomed her son into the world. Daljinder, 70 (or possibly 72 as she does not have a birth record) and her husband, 79 used IVF to conceive their son, Armaan. Daljinder has said in recent interviews that having Armaan has given her a new outlook on life and she is “so full of energy”.

Women certainly are amazing and as these stories clearly demonstrate, our bodies really can handle anything!


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