New Mum Kicked Out Of First Class With Her Crying Baby

New mum Arielle was so nervous about flying for the first time with her baby that she decided to upgrade her ticket to first class. Ten minutes into the flight she was kicked out of the premium cabin because her baby was crying….WTH?!

The fashion blogger was, of course, suffering from first-time nerves, getting ready to fly from New York to LA to see family over the holidays.  To help alleviate some of the pressure – she opted to pay extra money for more room. She hoped that by being able to lay her baby, Ruby, down there was more of a chance of her sleeping .

Kicked out of first class

Arielle, her husband and little Ruby were only 10 minutes into their first class flight when she was asked to move to the back of the plane, as other passengers were complaining about Ruby’s crying. On her Instagram, Arielle described what happened.

“On our way to LA a few days ago it was my first time flying with Ruby, I had a screaming crying sleepy baby who was so overwhelmed that she couldn’t fall asleep. My husband and I paid for first class so that we’d have the extra space and could lay down with her – once we were boarded I was getting tons of eye rolls and head shakes from fellow passengers on @delta because my baby was crying (as if I could just look at Ruby and say okay now it’s time to stop ?). I tried to ignore the people until 10 minutes passed and a flight attendant came over to me and asked me and my baby to move to the back of the plane (as if the people in the back didn’t matter). Give up our seats that we paid for and move. Apparently I was upsetting and getting a lot of complaints from the first class passengers.”

She went on to describe how anxious the stewardess made her feel about baby Ruby crying.

“I started crying because I was so stressed and anxious and instead of the stewardess being helpful and compassionate she instead made the situation worse. I don’t know what’s right and wrong when it comes to flying with a baby but after telling a few people the story they were in shock. Thoughts? We’re headed back to NYC today and we’re hoping for a much better experience.”

Scared of flying

Arielle spoke of her fear of flying in an earlier post, saying the thought of taking Ruby on a plane “doubles her anxiety.” 

More than 1600 people have commented on the blogger’s post. Some in support of Arielle… OTHERS in support of the airline’s decision. Crying babies on flights is CLEARLY a divisive topic.

We are sure Arielle’s first flight experience as a mum didn’t help with her fear of flying one bit. Here’s hoping her return journey was a lot less eventful.

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