News Flash: TV Presenter Goes Into Labour While On Air

A reporter’s speedy birth has become breaking news, after she went into labour while presenting BBC Breakfast. Victoria Fritz even had to call on one of her fellow presenters to help during the birth, with her husband stuck in traffic.

The BBC reports Victoria’s waters broke shortly after coming off air, with presenter Sally Nugent taking over birthing partner duty.

Victoria later gave birth to a baby boy at St Mary’s Hospital in Manchester, tweeting her ‘heartfelt thanks’ to her team.

Her surprise birthing partner Sally also shared a snap of the little newsmaker just minutes after his birth, saying he was ‘blissfully unaware of the drama he’d caused his mum’.

Victoria’s little boy wasn’t due to arrive until next month, but he was obviously very eager to greet the world. And hats off to Victoria, who managed to present this report shortly before going into labour!

Video courtesy The Mirror.

written by:

Anita Butterworth

Anita is a journo from country Victoria who swapped the cut and thrust of television news for the joys of raising boys. When not writing about everything parenting, she's searching for the perfect cuppa and Instagram filter.