Olivia Wilde And Jason Sudeikis Squeeze In Adorable Family Time

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis have been spotted squeezing in some adorable family time with son, Otis. Watching the Brooklyn Nets and clutching his popcorn, this tiny tot is the CUTEST little Nets supporter we’ve ever seen.

The engaged couple are missing their newest little addition, Daisy. Somehow, we don’t think she would get into the basketball spirit as much as her older brother.

Popcorn Is A Food Group Right?

In her own Instagram post, Olivia snaps a shot of her fiance and son. How adorable is their father/son bonding moment? She writes:

“Youngest member of the @brooklynnets coaching staff clutching his popcorn in a tense moment of strategizing last night. Also, popcorn is a food group right? Suitable to serve as dinner for a growing child? Cool cool thought so.”

Yes, Olivia It Certainly Is

It is completely acceptable, Olivia. Especially this time of year. Holiday season is nigh and I accept popcorn as a nourishing dinner for a growing boy. We hope it’s organic though. 

We love following Wilde’s Instagram account. The actress is not only amazing at what she does, she’s a fantastic role model for mothers everywhere. Keep being Wilde.

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