We Are Loving Rebecca Judd’s Twin Spam – Keep Them Coming!

Some may call it over-sharing, but we call it under-sharing. We love seeing squishy little newborns, especially twins! We want to see more baby photos.

Besties. #melt

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TV personality, Bec Judd, welcomed twins, Tom and Darcy, on Friday and her social media platforms are full of baby spam. But she’s apologizing for it. Not sure why? We love a good baby pic. She and husband, retired AFL legend, Chris Judd already have son, Oscar, and a daughter, Billie.

That household is about to get a whole lot more boisterous.

Baby Spam

I get it, not everyone loves their newsfeed flooded with pictures of newborn babies, laughing as they fart or crying because they had a poo explosion. I get it. But why should new mums be criticized because they are proud of their accomplishment of having a baby. They love their little bundle of squish and they want to share it with the world. That’s not a bad thing. If you don’t like it, you can always unfollow.

Let’s stop criticizing other mums for wanting to share their beautiful babies with their friends and just sit back and enjoy the newborn squishiness. Get ready for the #babyspam


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Have you had enough baby spam yet? No, neither have we.

Heehee- they are definitely boys. Darcy on the left, Tom on the right.

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Okay, just one more…!

Congrats to the now large family. And keep those baby pics coming! 

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