Ronan Keating On His Wife’s Pregnancy Sickness: ‘Storm Was In The Hedge’

It doesn’t matter how rich or famous you are – NO ONE is exempt from getting pregnancy sickness, as Ronan Keating and his wife Storm know all too well…

The Aussie beauty, who is expecting her first child with the former Boyzone star, appeared on British TV show Loose Women with her husband and opened up about her pregnancy nausea!

Life In The Fast Lane

“I was on tour in September in the UK and we were driving from Plymouth to Bournemouth and the morning sickness was so bad for Storm,” Ronan, 39, says.

“We had to pull over on the motorway and she climbed out of the car and climbed into the hedge and lay down on the motorway in the hedge for 15 minutes.”

“I was there for 15 minutes. I just crawled into the grass and lay down, in the grass,” Storm added.

“I literally crawled, not just a figure of speech. I said just ‘Don’t touch me’. Ronan just walked the dog up the side of the motorway.”

“If anyone saw me that day on my own, walking a dog on the motorway…Storm was in the hedge,” Ronan joked.

Big Baby

But despite the initial sickness, Storm, 35, says she has been enjoying her pregnancy but is starting to feel the effects of carrying around her baby – because her bump is so huge.

“They’ve [the midwives] taken the due date as far forward as they possibly can and it’s still oversized,” she says.

Ronan added: “I think it’s a big baby. I was 10 pounds something.”

The couple say they can’t wait to meet their little one, with Storm adding: “I cannot tell you how excited I am. Every time I see Ronan with his kids I fall more and more in love. He is the most incredible father. Everyone can see the relationship he has with his kids.”

Ronan is dad to his kids Jack, 17, Missy, 15, and 11-year-old Ali from his previous marriage.

We also can’t wait to see pics of the new addition!

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