Sally Obermeder On Her Eldest Daughter With Her Little Sister: ‘She’s Being A Lot Nicer To Her’

It’s not always easy being the first child and then having to compete for the attention when the second baby comes along, as Sally Obermeder’s eldest daughter Annabelle Grace knows all too well!

jenga battles ⚔️⚔️always ends in tears. Mine.

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Newborn Stealing The Limelight

The 43-year-old presenter, who brought her second baby Elyssa Rose into work yesterday, admitted on her show The Daily Edition that Annabelle, five, is still adjusting to the changes.

“The adjustment has been slow, I’m not going to lie,” she admitted.

“In the beginning it was great, she was like, ‘Oh she’s really cute.’ And then I think in week two, she went, ‘She’s still here, what’s happening?’

“She’s getting used to it. Definitely in the last week or so, she’s like, ‘oh what’s happening cutie?’ and is being a lot nicer to her.”

Sally, who had Elyssa via surrogacy after being diagnosed with breast cancer while she was expecting Annabelle, reveals her eldest thought she’d be getting a sister the same age, not a newborn!

“I didn’t tell her we were coming in today, she wouldn’t have been happy that I brought Elyssa into her turf,” she says.

And when asked if she has any secret tips for mums on juggling motherhood and a career, Sally says:I think honestly, there is no secret. No two days are the same and they don’t go according to plan and I just think, there are some days when I go, ‘today is a disaster.’

“Just go with the flow as best you can.”

Sally’s not the first mum to struggle with ensuring her first child doesn’t feel excluded with a new addition to the household.

Pink threw her daughter Willow, five, a ‘big sis’ party not long after she gave birth to Jameson at the end of last year.

How To Make A Big Sibling Feel Included With The New Baby

The Healthy Mummy has got some more helpful tips on how to to ensure your older child feels included (and super important) with their arrival of a new baby.

  • Buy big bro or sis a present and give it to them from baby. Giving them something small (but meaningful) from the baby, helps your child form a bond with their younger sibling!
  • Let your eldest help bathe their younger sibling. They’re a big kid now! We have no doubt your not-so-little-one will LOVE showing some responsibility and helping mum get the shampoo ready for baby.
  • Set aside some ‘special time’ with mummy and daddy. Whether it be some colouring in, painting or reading…a little bit of one-on-one time will be sure to keep everyone happy and feeling special!

Meanwhile, here’s a guide on what to do when your older child is not coping with the new baby.

If your little one doesn’t seem to be getting better or is displaying signs of anxiety and aggression, talk to a professional. They are here to help everyone in the household adjust to the new addition. 


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