Same-Sex Couple BOTH Breastfeed Their Newborn: ‘Without Carrying Your Baby You Can Still Nourish Her’

Same-sex couple Claire Eden-McIlroy and Steph Eden McIlroy have opened up about how they both breastfeed their newborn daughter.

Breastfeeding Mamas

New mum Claire gave birth to LJ in January, after conceiving via a sperm donor, but her partner Steph also wanted to also be involved with breastfeeding their baby girl.

And just because she hadn’t carried their daughter, it didn’t mean Steph couldn’t help nurse.

She began using a hospital grade pump to stimulate her breasts every two hours for ten minutes a time, and she also started taking a herb called fenugreek, which is believed to trigger the hormone that creates milk production.

“It’s totally natural and comfortable and something we do every day in our house and we wanted to raise awareness of same sex couples,” Claire tells the Daily Mail.

“Even without carrying a child you can still nourish and feed your child from your body.”

Steph’s goal is to feed four-week-old LJ twice a day – once in the morning and once at night.

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‘You Don’t Need To Be Birth Mother To Breastfeed’

The pair recently took part in a photo-shoot with Melbourne photographer Lacey Barratt.

“I needed naked bodies to photograph and these ladies came forward and allowed me to photograph them as part of the project,” Lacey told the publication.

“I just felt like it was important to share two women breastfeeding their daughter, so many people don’t know that if you don’t give birth that you can still breastfeed.”

Lacey originally shared the photograph of the two new mums on her social media with the caption, “Can we talk about breastfeeding and same sex couples of a minute?”

“Can we talk about how NORMAL this should be? Having a desire to share the responsibility with your partner is normal and POSSIBLE.

“Ladies, did you know, that you DO NOT have to be the birth mother in order to breastfeed? Adoptive parents, surrogacy parents, you can breastfeed your baby!

“Same sex male couples, did you know that you can find a woman to wet nurse your baby? Have donor milk? SNS (Supplemental Nursing System)? The possibilities are endless, and should be respected as a heterosexual couple is… Equality is deserved by everyone.”

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