Sophie Ellis-Bextor On Her Premature Pregnancies: ‘I Didn’t Hold My Babies When They Were Born’

Sophie Ellis-Bextor has opened up about how she dealt with the premature births of her first two sons, as well as her experience with pre-eclampsia.

Speaking to The Telegraph, the Murder On The Dance Floor singer – who is mum to four sons – opened up about her first two pregnancies.

Both baby number one and baby number two were born premature. Her eldest, Sonny, was born at just 32 weeks in 2004, and her second son, Kit, was born nine weeks premature in 2009, after the famous mama developed pre-eclampsia.

He’s fast asleep while I’m awake. C’mon little sleepyhead I’m hungry!

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Babies who are born before 37 weeks pregnant are defined as premature. In Australia, around eight per cent of babies are born prematurely, claims Better Health Victoria

“There’s no point me dressing it up,” says the 38-year-old singer, who is married to fellow musician Richard Jones.

“You definitely haven’t had the baby in the way you wanted, and they’re not supposed to be born that early. So the first week or so is pretty scary.”

The British singer was 31 weeks gestation with Kit, when a routine check up revealed she had pre-eclampsia. Sophie was kept in hospital to be monitored and Kit was delivered via c-section.

“I didn’t hold either of my babies straight away and then I remember being wheeled down to see him, having only seen pictures all day, and being totally overwhelmed,” says Sophie.

“I didn’t really see the box and the machines – I just saw this baby and felt the love for this little person who was now part of our lives, and you just know, don’t you, in that second that everything’s changed.”

What’s more, the mumof-four says that not being able to hold her newborns was an “isolating” experience.

“When they’re in intensive care, your role as a parent is quite limited,” she says. “It’s a really rare opportunity where you can get involved and start feeling like real parents. It takes on a whole new significance.”

Baby Jesse is 6 months today. That went fast! ?? xx

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premature baby

Eight per cent of babies are born prematurely (before 37 weeks) in Australia, claims Better Health Victoria.

However, in rare instances, some infants are simply too eager to enter the world. With today’s amazing technology and constant care from NICU staff, babies born at just 23 weeks’ gestation have survived.

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