Star Magazine Reports Blac Chyna Is Offered $4m By The Kardashians

Keeping up with the Kardashians is hard work!

But the Kardashian soap opera has taken a dramatic turn of late with a very sad set of circumstances arising with Rob Kardashian and Black Chyna.

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And it is so sad as Rob and Blac have recently had a baby together – Dream – who is one month old – and over the past 14 days have been very publicly living out a break up then a make up over social media.

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Emotional outpourings, pictures shared, personal attacks have been made on both sides and if no child was involved it would still be terrible and awful to watch but it becomes extremely sad when a one month old baby is involved

And today, claims made in the new issue of Star magazine suggest Kris Kardashian (who is the matriarch of the family) is on the cusp of making her pay-off bid rumoured to be $4 million for custody of Dream

A source said: “Five million is about all Rob is worth, so Blac would be smart to consider Kris’ offer.

“Everyone knows she doesn’t love him – she could cash out now and get on with her life.”

No one knows if this offer is real or unreal – all we know that the whole situation is very worrying for the baby involved and we hope that in this celebrity circus that all involved can find some true perspective and some true reality and manage to step back from the glare of the cameras and do the right thing for that little baby – and as we write this we can’t believe that any mum would ever take any such money – and we hope that Kris Kardashian made no such offer!