Terri Irwin and Russell Crowe – Are They Or Aren’t They?


New Idea have reported that two of our Aussie favourites, Terri Irwin and Russell Crowe, are dating and are set to wed late 2018.

Perfect family photo ….. and then there’s me…. #LaughAttack ?

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Are They Or Aren’t They?

It had been reported that Rusty and Terri were romantically linked earlier this year until both of their representatives shut it down, with Terri laughing it off, calling it silly. According to the reports, marriage is now on the cards for the 52 year old love birds and they couldn’t be happier.

Although neither have confirmed the romance, a ‘close source‘ has said “they can’t hide anymore,” and “You can totally tell they’re into each other and have been for a very long time.”

A Close Source

We all know what ‘close source’ means though, right? Let’s be honest, New Idea have reported that Jennifer Aniston has been pregnant 17 times. Where is she hiding these 17 children? And how does she look so AMAZING after 17 pregnancies?

The pair obviously do have chemistry and have been close family friends for years. But it seems that members of the opposite sex in the public eye, can’t be friends without people hinting at some sort of romance.

Fun seeing you man @thehughjackman

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So, maybe they are dating and they’re super amazing at hiding their romance (and we would LOVE it if it is true as we love both of them). Or maybe New Idea is pulling a classic ‘close source’ move again. We can’t wait to find out the truth- watch this space……….

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