You’ll Never Believe How Much Tori Spelling’s Baby Shower Cost!

Tori Spelling’s mum Candy Spelling splashed out on an expensive baby shower for her daughter at The Bel Air hotel’s main restaurant.

Celebrity party planner Mindy Weiss was hired to create the lavish event for Tori, who is expecting her fifth child with husband Dean McDermott in March.

No Expense Spared

In Instagram snaps from the day, balloons can be seen covering the ceiling with ‘Baby McDermott’ written across them.

Such an honor to host @torispelling baby shower. Tori’s fifth! #babyshowers #candygram #torispelling #family #grandkids

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There was also cute toy train tracks covering the tables.

“I especially loved the trains on the table! #choochoo!” Candy captioned the pics.

The Menu

40 guests were served Tortilla soup and tarragon chicken and sipped lemonade in blue bottles that were wrapped in a cloth with a nappy pin.

In fact, it’s being reported the shower cost around $40,000!

“This was easily a $40,000 event,” a source tells the Daily Mail.

A diet soda there can set you back $10, so can you imagine the cost of renting out their main restaurant for four hours on Grammy weekend for a party?”

What Else You Can Buy For $40,000?

Tori’s mum may have $40,000 to splash, but for most of us, it’s the cost of a wedding, an expensive car and even some houses in Australia, such asTasmania, Victoria and Queensland, go for this price!

Rich Parents

Luckily for Tori, she has rich parents! Candy, 71, is the widow of  American film and television producer Aaron Spelling, who was worth $600 million when he died. However, Aaron only left his daughter Tori $800,000 of his fortune.

Candy has recently admitted that she has been paying Tori’s rent on their Woodland Hills home, as well as her grandkids private school tuition.

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