1 in 3 dads switch job after their baby is born for this ONE reason, finds survey

Many mums change their job or cut back their hours after having children, but it seems a lot of men are also keen to change their working ways after they become a father.

Unlike previous generations, modern dads have a more hands on role with their kids and they want flexibility too.

1 in 3 dads switch job after their baby is born for this ONE reason, finds survey

1 in 3 dads change jobs after they have a baby for work/life balance

According to the Millenial Dad at Work report by parenting website daddilife in conjunction with Deloitte UK, as many as 1 in 3 working dads have changed their job since becoming a father.

What’s more, data also revealed that another third were actively looking for new employment.

So, why are so many dads changing their career? For the same reason mums are – for work / life balance.

2,000 working fathers from a wide range of industries were interviewed about how they fit their working hours in around caring for their children, and it seems that dads, like mums, are looking for flexibility.

1 in 3 dads switch job after their baby is born for this ONE reason, finds survey

“The majority of Millennial fathers have a different role at home to that which may have been the cultural norm for generations gone by,” the study authors wrote, adding, ”87 per cent are either mostly or fully involved in day-to-day parenting duties.”

However, it seems that many dads find their current employment can’t offer what they are looking for, such as leaving on-time, so they need to seek work elsewhere.

“Fathers regularly experience tension from their employers in trying to balance work with their new parenting role,” continue the study notes.

“This is incredibly important to note for employers, especially those who may still believe flexibility and ‘family friendly’ policies only impact women, and are not in the realm of interest for men.”

1 in 3 dads switch job after their baby is born for this ONE reason, finds survey

Inflexible working arrangements can affect dad’s mental health

Worryingly, 37 per cent of men in the survey admitted that an inflexible workplace negatively affects their mental health.

“Greater flexibility at work is at the heart of the Millennial father’s work/life balance goals, and in its absence, more than a 1/3 are feeling the effects, not just physically but mentally,” concludes the study notes.

“We now need organisation leaders, line managers and HR to converge on this topic if we want to strive for genuine equality at work.”

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