10 bizarre and amazing facts you never knew about vernix

When your baby is born and placed on your chest, before you check the gender or find the similarities between baby and parent, you’ll notice the white creamy substance, vernix, covering her skin. Before you rush to wash it away, take a read of this!

10 Bizarre And Amazing Facts You Never Knew About Vernix

1. Protective

Its main and most important benefit is its anti-microbial properties. While baby is in the womb, this thick cheese-like layer protects your baby’s delicate skin from the acidic levels of your amniotic fluid.

Once baby is born, it can help to protect against a variety of infections.

2. Moisturising

Shielding the babies skin from the drying effects of amniotic fluid, this amazing substance acts as a strong moisturiser, ensuring your baby is not born looking like a wrinkled prune!

A beauty product that the cosmetic industry has spent years researching.

3. Lubricant

An aide in birthing your baby, this coating doubles as a lubricant. Helping your baby slide through the birth canal.

4. Muffles sound

Our babies begin to hear our voices around the 22 week mark. However, through your tummy, the amnio fluid and this layer of vernix, sound is extremely muffled.

5. Only human

Humans are the only species who are blessed with a coating of vernix.

6. Can be missing

If your child is born over-due it is not uncommon for the appearance of vernix to be missing. This is because the vernix has been absorbed by the amniotic fluid.

7. Different colours

Although white is the most common colour of vernix, it can actually be a yellow brown or tinted green. This is an indication that baby has already passed its first poo, meconium. If this is the case, wipe this vernix away.

10 Bizarre And Amazing Facts You Never Knew About Vernix

8. Leave it be

Studies show that leaving the cheese-like coating on babies skin allows its benefits to be fully absorbed by baby. So don’t rush to give your baby its first bath. The World Health Organisation recommends leaving the vernix be for at least 24 hours.

9. Rub it in

Rather than wiping or washing your babies vernix away, try to rub it in as best you can before that first bath. This allows the skin to absorb as much as possible, taking good use of all benefits.

10. It can linger

After you do bath your baby, don’t be too surprised if you find vernix lingering in any skin folds. It can be found hiding within the nooks and crannies of your Childs nappy region for weeks. Either leave it be, or gently wipe it away.

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