Big Batch Banana Bread

Healthy and freezable big batch banana bread

28 Day Weight Loss Challenge member Dina Santos has shared her fabulous banana bread recipe which is perfect for afternoon tea. It makes 12 pieces so it’s great to prepare it when you have friends coming over or you want to make enough for the whole family. It also freezes well, […]

Healthy Protein Packed Chocolate Bites

Healthy protein packed chocolate BITES! Yum!

28 Day Weight Loss Challenge member Heather Barron has shared her delicious chocolate treat with us, and you are definitely going to want to give these a go. These Protein Packed Chocolate Bites contain everyday ingredients that you probably already have on hand in the pantry.

Double Chocolate Slice

DOUBLE chocolate slice just 119 calories

For the ultimate afternoon tea, this Double Chocolate Slice can’t be beaten. With a cup of tea it’s the ideal way to spend your time between lunch and dinner. Prepare to have the kids pester you for this after school, it’s that good! We love healthy snacks like this slice […]

Apricot and Chocolate Bliss Balls

4 ingredient apricot and chocolate bites

Healthy Mummy Jessica Giles has created these moorish treats made with dried fruit, honey and cacao. Jessica says that these are based on Fruchocs, a South Australian brand of chocolate that Healthy Mummies from Adelaide and surrounds will know well. As part of the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge nothing […]

Sticky Date, Cashew and Cinnamon Bites

Sticky date, cashew and cinnamon bites

When you are looking for a healthy snack to fill the gap until your next meal, look to fruit and nuts. Nuts are packed with protein which will help to keep you fuller for longer. Sweetened with dates and a little maple syrup, these bites are a great hunger buster. […]

5 Ingredient Chocolate Crunch Bites

5 ingredient chocolate crunch bites JUST 53 calories

There’s no need to swear off chocolate just because you are trying to lose pregnancy weight. Thanks to the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge you can enjoy delicious treats like these, and they’re super easy to make. Just five ingredients and a few minutes and you can have these homemade […]

5 Ingredient Double Chocolate Cookies

5 ingredient DOUBLE chocolate cookies – YUM!

Looking for a sweet snack for your afternoon tea, or for the lunchbox? 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge member Sarah Longbottom has sent us a fantastic recipe for Double Chocolate Cookies. With just give ingredients that you probably already have on hand, you could have these cookies cooling down on […]

96 Calorie Chia Cashew Slice

Easy to make 96 calorie Chia Cashew Slice

This chewy slice is packed with nutrition and healthy ingredients. Keep it on hand for an afternoon pick me up snack – it’s perfect to keep you going until dinner time. Keep healthy ingredients like date, nuts, seeds and coconut on hand so that you can prepare delicious snacks such […]